About Us


The Brown Fox Bureau has been running for just over four years, assisting various individuals from students, authors and writers, to small businesses and academic professionals - in essence, anyone who has written content and requires assistance with proofreading and editing.  Providing a professional, thorough, and affordable proofreading service is what we strive to achieve with every piece of work we review, but we can also assist with editing, content writing, audio transcription, and other administration work.  Please visit our Services page for further information.


We draw on a wealth of knowledge and experience, with expertise in the areas of law, accountancy, history, writing and literature, and of course, the English language.  However, the breadth of subjects we have reviewed over the years has been extensive, and we are able to proofread and edit any type of content.  We work with many students and professionals where English is not their first language, assisting by ensuring their content is in a grammatically correct, fluid format.  We have a keen eye for detail and take pride in the work we undertake.


Many believe that a simple blog or article doesn't need to be written with correct spellings, or appropriate grammar, and punctuation, but writing is a reflection of an individual's capabilities and the approach they take to their work. If you are going to write, make sure it's correct - express your professionalism.  If grammar and punctuation are not your strongest skills, then the Bureau is always on hand to assist.


You may be wondering what the meaning is behind the naming of The Brown Fox Bureau.  The well known saying, 'The Quick Brown Fox Jumps over the Lazy Dog', is a sentence which uses every single letter in the alphabet, known as a pangram. Pangrams are often used for typing practice as this allows use of every letter on the keyboard. Given our love of words, language, and writing, we thought it was a quirky, appropriate name.



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