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Our proofreading service is thorough and reliable - not only do we ensure that the content reads correctly and coherently, but the layout and formatting is also reviewed.  With more complicated documents, such as theses, manuals and PhDs, the insertion of tables, contents lists, titles, and images can be complex and time consuming - consistency is key for a professional layout.


Here's an overview of what our work includes:


Correcting all spelling mistakes to ensure content is perfect -

US or UK English can be adopted depending upon client preference.


Correcting punctuation - reviewing punctuation to ensure it has been used

appropriately and inserted where necessary.


Correcting all grammatical errors - reviewing and amending grammar

to ensure writing is concise and accurate.


As well as carrying out the above checks, we also undertake the following reviews as part of our standard practice:


All formatting is reviewed including font size, font type, margins, title headings, paragraph spacing, table layouts, contents lists, headers and footers, and any other graphics or styles.


All references and citations are checked to ensure compliance with university guidelines.


Reviewing language style and sentence structure and providing advice where the content could read more fluently and coherently.


General feedback is provided, as appropriate, to advise

where improvements could be considered.



All amendments are highlighted by way of Microsoft Track Changes (unless agreed otherwise) with any general comments or advice set out in the return covering email.  However, PDF mark-ups with the BSI proofreading symbols can also be provided. This allows you to make the final decision regarding any changes, resulting in you maintaining full control over your work.


Please visit our reviews page to hear how we have helped various clients with all sorts of projects.







Author Support


Whether you're writing a book for the first time, or you are an established author, our specialist proofreading services can assist.  We have worked with novice authors by transforming a word document full of text into a presentable, professional book format, as well as assisting published authors who return to us again and again, who simply require a thorough proofread.


With fiction works, as well as the standard checks described in our Proofreading Services section, the content is reviewed in detail to ensure consistency of the characters, times and places, descriptions, tenses, and narration. It would be a shame if Michelle went to the shops after lunch in Chapter 4, but later in the book she is described as having gone out after breakfast!


Similarly, simple mistakes, such as errors with inverted commas and punctuation in paragraphs of speech, can destroy the meaning of the dialogue and the atmosphere of the moment.


With non-fiction works, such as manuals, academic texts, or general interest books, the content can be more complex and as such, we review the consistency of the formatting, hyper-linked contents lists, page numbering, images, citations, information tables, graphs, and any other pictorials or content.


An appropriate period of time is dedicated to all book projects, allowing review without interruption to ensure that your content is accurate, consistent, and understandable, whether it's fiction or non-fiction.  We have reviewed all types of novel genres as well as academic texts and manuals in many areas, from law to child birth, science and religion, and training courses to mindfulness.


Please feel free to visit our reviews section to read feedback from some of the authors we have assisted.


Whatever your project, we can design a package to suit your needs and move you that step closer to publication!




Writing/Blog Service


Writing can be a daunting task, but with many businesses it's now a necessity, with customers primarily researching and shopping via the Internet.  Having an online presence, through social media in particular, is key in this modern era, a prime way of attracting people to your website.  Blogs and articles within a website can promote your business by being informative and interesting to your clients, but they also allow advertising of your products and services.


Some people have the 'gift of the gab' and are able to put pen to paper and create a masterpiece straight away, but many people struggle. With writing content, it's not just about being able to come up with ideas but ensuring that the content is correct.  We regularly read articles or blogs, particularly online, and identify many simple punctuation or grammatical errors. The smallest of mistakes can create a lack of professionalism and confuse meanings.  Reading your content could be the first impression a potential client gains of you or your business, and a question may arise as to how well you may provide a service or product.


Therefore, The Brown Fox Bureau can offer a writing service tailored to meet your requirements, whether it's for a personal project or to support your business. You provide us with a brief - as detailed as you wish - and we carry out the research and provide a blog or article, fully proofread.  The content is then reviewed by you to ensure that you are satisfied.


This allows you more time for you to focus on securing business and increasing profit, with us undertaking the time consuming part.


We have written blogs in a variety of subjects for companies both here in the UK and overseas. Some of our blogs can be viewed at The Foxopedia. Contact us for more information or to discuss your individual requirements.



Other Services

As well as the services set out above, we can also offer virtual assistant support with activities such as audio transcription, business stationary design, and the typing up and producing of reports and business documentation.


If you have a project that you would like assistance with, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we would be happy to discuss any requirements you have.  Packages are tailored to the individual client, rather than on a standard charge basis.



Whatever you're working on, we would be happy to help!

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